“Our family is a huge fan of Footy Feud – it’s a great game to pull out on a rainy day to entice our boys away from screens and enjoy some family time. It’s compact and easy to take away, we’ve played it in the car on road trips, around the camp fire and on the beach on holidays... and better yet, it’s enjoyed by all ages, footy fans or not.” Julie, mother of 2

‘Footy Feud was introduced to our Grade 5 & 6 students at the beginning of the year. It is not only FUN but has managed to en gage our disengaged students,

particularly males. Pre and post data shows evidence of them making considerable gains with addition and 6 times tables to be specific.’, Justin Condely, Swan Hill Primary School

Footy feud is a hit in the office here and is played literally every day at lunch. People just love it!!!” 

Bec Brown, Western Bulldogs Head of Consumer Business

”Footy Feud has been a great game I use in my region. Kids enjoy it and its great knowing they are doing maths but in a fun way. Its great game to develop our game and get more children involved. We have had huge success with local schools and parents. Even I enjoy playing the game. Highly recommend it to anyone.”
David Alderuccio – AFL Victoria – Football Development Manager – Central Murray

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